Waste Associated with Avocado Purchase

Deceptive Appearance:
Avocados often look perfect externally, but one in three is either overripe or too green inside.

Massive Food Waste:
The inconsistency in ripeness leads to a significant amount of avocados being discarded.

Short Shelf Life:
If not consumed quickly, avocados become overripe and are thrown away, adding to the waste problem.

Rapid Overriping:
Avocados have a narrow window of optimal ripeness, often just 2-3 days.

UNEP Food Waste Index Report

An estimated 931 MILLION TONNES OF FOOD or 17% of total food available to consumers in 2019, WENT INTO THE WASTE BINS of households, retailers, restaurants and other food services, according to new UN research conducted to support global efforts to halve food waste by 2030.

> 931 million tonnes of food !

We are reinventing the avocado

Avocados, harvested at optimal maturity

We prioritize seasonal harvesting and the product’s natural cycle by sourcing avocados globally and at their optimal maturity, which are then brought to ripeness in Europe.

HPP Technology (High Pressure Process)

Selected avocados are cut and pressurized at our exclusive facility in France. This hyperbaric process guarantees food safety, neutralizing germs and extends product’s shelf life for 1 month at 1/4° C.

the 3 products Naked Avocado

Fresh & Ripe Half Avocados, Avocado Cubes and Guacamole with 1 month shelf life

100% fresh

Ready to use

1-month shelf life

No preservatives

No acidifiers

No additives

Reduced Food Waste


We are committed to sustainability

Green Policy

Supporting Recycling Industry: we ensure that our avocado packaging PET incorporates a minimum of 50% recycled plastic.

Reduced Food Waste: guaranteed ripe avocados with 1-month shelf life at 1/4° C and our transparent packaging means 100% of product is used.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: fewer avocados are discarded unnecessarily, leading to less waste.


We are working in partnership with HALLS, one of the leading suppliers of avocado in the world.

Marceau Vidrequin

Marceau Vidrequin

Wulfran Goupy

Wulfran Goupy
Managing Director

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